1. Do I get billed for free items?

No. Free items are totally free. Even if billing details are requested, no deductions shall be made from your account.


2. How do I make purchases on Digi Author?

Simply browse the site, upon coming across an item you have interest in, click on the download item icon, and the process to awesomeness begins.


3. What payment methods are accepted?

For paid items, payment method accepted is PAYPAL. But as a freebie for being a member of Digi Author, a fully functional PAYPAL account will created for you, which can be used. We recommend this method of paying for items online.


4. Can I modify things I purchase from Digi Author?

All items come with a support PDF on how to setup and basically how to use the item. The main idea cannot be modified, repackaged and sold for commercial purposes. Even when you wish to modify the content, processes and or methods, you do so for personal purposes and not commercially. Digi Author  and it’s affiliates shall not be responsible for any malfunctions or injuries sustained during or after such modifications.


5. How do I get support for items I purchased?

Online support from the respective Authors are available only for verified purchases. On each author’s page, there will be a dedicated email or contact to which all concerns can be addressed.


6. Do I get a refund?

For refund enquiries, please lodge a complaint at our Help Center. Note that not all items are eligible for refunds. 


7. How do become an Author?

Please refer to this page, or get assistance from our Help Center.


8. Why has my item not been posted?

Digi Author takes time and extreme effort in ensuring the best and original ideas get posted. This is to ensure quality control. Our team works tirelessly to this regard. Please be patient if your item has not been posted. You can get in touch with the help team for further info.


9. I’m not buying, I just want to donate to Digi Author?

Digi Author is involved in supporting and assisting upcoming Tech enthusiasts and struggling Technologists through a variety of ways. To donate to this cause, please refer to our Help Center.


10. To what extent can I use what I learn from Digi Author?

Digi Author encourages experimental and educational uses of the content found herein. However, we shall not be responsible for the illegal uses of any information obtained from the website.