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Digi Author (Digital Author) is a digital marketplace for creatives and the skilled. It’s also a place to find all premium digital products you have always wanted.

We set up Digi Author to help users locate products, services, materials in digital form easily. Our authors are experts in their respective fields and have carefully put together their skills in an easy-to-consume format.

Image searching through YoutTube or Google all day looking for how to create a simple website. You’ll find them (sometimes), but have they been proven to work all the time? Can you contact the person who posted that info to go into more detail? We are solving that problem by linking you to such creatives so you can get their help when you get stuck following a tutorial or watching a video.

Even if an author is not available, our help team is. Just use the help page to get in touch. We are making accessing digital products, services, materials more easy in that you get a relationship with these creatives.

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